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 Color Management & Production


​Research has shown that adding color to your documents is one of the best ways to generate attention in today’s tough business environment. But the management and production of these materials can be a complex and time-consuming process. Color systems can be complicated to operate, expensive to run, and require constant adjustments. Elanders Americas has developed a simplified color solution that sets a bright new standard for color management and production by incorporating innovative technology to bring you exceptional quality, reliability, and consistency.

If color management has been a consistent thorn in your side when it comes to branding, marketing, and product output, now may be an optimum time to find out about Elanders Americas’ Color Management Program and what it can do for you.

Many aspects come into play when managing color including equipment, paper, ink or toner, and the environment. What no longer comes into play in a stable color management solution are manual adjustments of adding or subtracting ink or toner at the print engine to get the color to "look" correct. 

With our headquarters qualified as a G7 Master Printer, Elanders Americas follows a process methodology to manage color across devices. This helps to eliminate the need to adjust at the print engine and removes most of the human interaction and subjectivity.

Our Color Management Program automates processes, complies with industry standards for printing and provides for more accurate and repeatable output. Elements of our program include:

  • Calibration: Calibrations of the engine are done frequently throughout the day and result in minor adjustments to bring the engine back into the standard color space. 
  • Characterization: Characterizations are completed periodically based on devise reliability rates.
  • Conversion: State of the art software is utilized for the conversion process, creating a more reliable and consistent output.
  • Standards: Industry standards outlined by GRACol are followed to reduce costs, decrease turn-times, and avoid remakes.
  • Measuring Color: Operators measure control sheets multiple times per shift utilizing Spectrophotometers to verify color accuracy to a specific Delta E tolerance.

Following are a few articles that will increase your understanding of what can happen before any images are put on paper and how G7 is a crucial step in ensuring these images are consistent across a range of devices, and around the globe.

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