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 Elanders' Global Solutions

 Some of our most challenging and existing global management solutions are presented in the following case studies.

Global On-Demand Deliveries
Saving time and money through optimized just-in-time deliveries.
Elanders has a long and broad experience from working with the automotive industry. Through the years we have developed solutions to meet the increased needs to achieve cost reductions, faster time to market and more effective production processes. We take pride in the fact that we have developed these solutions through a tight cooperation with our clients.

A global truck manufacturer has production facilities in five countries spread over four continents and was looking for a way to improve their distribution of owner’s manual kits for all their production plants. ThGlobal on-demand deliveries.jpge client struggled with a forecast based production and high costs for warehousing and obsolete products. Our customer also wanted to make sure that they kept the strong brand image and increased the value for their end customers.

Elanders developed an IT solution where all the production data was pulled from the client’s production system, which made it possible to produce chassis unique manuals on demand. The client was also provided with a unique system where all content could be stored and controlled and later reused to support the aftermarket. The brand value was increased by designing a new customized box for the manual kit.

The benefits for the client were many and included no scrapping, optimized warehousing, brand consistency and content control, just-in-time and sequence deliveries to all production plants and a more user-friendly owner’s manual for the end user.

Customer Statement: "By developing this new process together with Elanders, we save a huge deal of time and money every year."

Global B2B e-Commerce Solution
Optimize your supply Chain through the right e-commerce solution.
Dedication to the constant improvement of our solutions has ensured our service to customers in the manufacturing industry. We have been working with partners and suppliers on systems and processes that allow our clients the ability to confidently re-engineer the way they store, update and distribute information and products.

A global manufacturer of construction equipment with production plants in eleven countries on four continents was having a big challenge. They needed to manage a whole chain of products such as manuals, product information, packaging, marketing material, education material, schematics and digi-passes. All products and material had to be up to date and accessible for production Global B2B.jpgfacilities, re-sellers, sales and other stakeholders.

For this client Elanders developed a global B2B e-Commerce solution where all products and material were easy to access and order. Elanders also physically handled all their products on a global scale.

Through this solution the client saved both time and money and are now able to change content and update information in fast and simple way.

Customer Statement: "Through Elanders' solution we have reduced warehousing fees, improved time-to-market, and reduced a number of internal IT systems."

 Global Solutions for the Mining Industry
Owner's and Service Manuals in less than ideal conditions.
Joy Global manufactures and services some of the world’s largest underground and surface mining machinery. Along with these highly sophisticated and complex machines come some of the most massive Owner’s and Service Manuals Elanders Americas has ever produced. Some tip the scale at seven kilos or more, making maneuverability difficult in confined spaces found in some mines.

Elanders looked at the needs of the user, combined with the environment the manuals were exposed to, and presented Joy Global with a total information distribution solution. To compensate for less than ideal conditions in a mining environment, Elanders produces Joy Global’s manuals on a synthetic stock that is water resistant.

Joy Global.jpgProduction and distribution is handled on a global scale and everything is produced on-demand, eliminating inventory and waste.
Taking user accessibility one step further, Elanders’ technology arm developed a custom Windows application. This application provides the most up-to-date product documentation and is viewable electronically by any user that has a subscription. As a mobile application, Joy Global’s massive manuals can be taken anywhere a mobile device can go, providing quick access to urgent information.

Are you facing any of the same problems our customers did? Then don't you think it's time to give Elanders a call?