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SharePoint's more than just a box


​Whatever your thoughts on modern techniques and interactive print, the most important factor for your packaging remains: you need to reflect your brand's identity and values, while standing apart from the competition.

With this in mind, packaging becomes more than a box for protection and a label for identification. It's an extension of the product and it needs to showcase the same values. Whether your brand focuses on high-end luxury, established quality, environmental sustainability, or cost effectiveness, packaging is the first impression you give your customers.

Packaging can represent a large portion of the total cost of your product, sometimes as high as 40%, but smart packaging decisions can help reduce costs and lead to higher profits. Even the most basic packaging needs to be well thought out to protect your product, make sure it arrives safely and in pristine condition, and still maximize the brand impact to the customer. 

Packaging can become a key component of your marketing mix when your product generates a high level of value and competition. If this is the case, your product demands quality craftsmanship and deluxe materials and like foils, embossing, specialty finishes, or limited edition containers that reflect the set of values which make your product great. As technology and materials in the print and packaging world evolve, more and more options are becoming available to a variety of budgets. By selecting the right materials for your product and brand, you can achieve the desired affect at a much lower cost than you may think possible.

Up the level of customer loyalty further by making a lasting, personal connection. Thanks to advancements in technology, specialized packaging is making it easier to target individual customers. By using variable data printing, you can create highly targeted pieces by printing packaging and labels for your products with names or even images provided by the buyer or you.

But what about the environment, or your brand's green credentials? No need to worry here either as there is a huge range of green options available without compromising quality. Pairing recycled materials, re-usable materials, biodegradable materials, packaging that can be re-purposed, along with innovative production techniques can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

When it comes to meeting the toughest challenges, we're confident we have what it takes to handle each packaging job. With individual requirements as unique as each client, our solutions provide everything from standard print to bespoke, handmade limited-edition packaging. Make unboxing your product or service an immersive experience that extends your brand.

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