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 Integrated Solutions

 Clients of all sizes benefit from our comprehensive suite of services in many different combinations as necessary to integrate with their domestic or global needs.

​Elanders offers different products and services necessary for a product to reach the end consumer. Our offer comprises everything from a comprehensive responsibility for complex and global deliveries including purchasing, configuration, production, picking, distribution, payment solutions and after sales services to producing single printed matter and packaging. In addition to the B2B offer the Group also sells photo products directly to consumers via our own brands fotokasten and myphotobook.

Global Order Management
Elanders’ global network of fulfillment and distribution hubs enables our clients to deliver a variety of B2B and B2C products in the most time sensitive and cost effective manner. Our global fulfillment services are strategically located to take advantage of product postponement opportunities in region with the ability to focus on manufacturing areas for distribution.

Sourcing & Procurement
Elanders provides a collaborative solution for its customers that place a total supply chain perspective in their procurement processes. Our cross functional collaboration with clients and suppliers will produce an effective sourcing strategy that results in substantial cost savings while also achieving lean manufacturing or inventory management goals.

Custom Configuration & Manufacturing
The new supply chain paradigms that are emerging globally require regional capabilities that include various final touch manufacturing services. We are equipped to undertake all manufacturing processes, from simple packaging of semi-finished products, to complicated testing and assembling of high-
technology products.

Warehouse & ­Inventory Manage­ment
Elanders help customers identify where costly inventory and warehouse space can be reduced. We are able to provide optimum solutions by managing both components and finished goods according to each customer’s individual requirement.

We offer cost-efficient and innovative solutions that meet customers’ needs for printed material both locally and globally. Elanders has developed advanced, user friendly and Internet-based order platforms that streamline the process of order to delivery and enable print-on-demand, sequenced and just-in-time deliveries.

The management of packaging in the supply chain has always been a critical component in the ability to achieve a lean manufacturing process. From high end rigid board boxes for luxury packaging to cost effective CPG needs for direct
retail distribution, Elanders offers are a perfect fit across all industries.

Fulfillment & Distribution
Through our global network of fulfillment and distribution hubs we are able to offer our customers an efficient and fast way to markets around the world. We offer both simple Pick, Pack & Ship solutions as well as highly complex fulfillment services.

Returns Management & Refurbishment
Elanders’ Returns Management Solution streamlines the process for manufacturers and distributors to increase the efficiencies and increase the value of returned assets. Elanders’ solution covers all parts of the returns process from receipt, inspection, testing, potential refurbishment and ultimate disposition of the assets per individual program requirements.

E-Business is a vital element and key driver in all aspects of supply chain services. Elanders provides a custom solution that enables it clients to gain global visibility across their extended network of trading partners and help them respond quickly to a range of variables, from customer demand to resource shortages.

Talk to a representative today to develop your integrated solution.

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