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 Media Management Terms


Commercial print
Production of printed matter such as magazines, books, catalogues, manuals, marketing material etc. Production is made by both offset technique and digital print.

Digital print and digital print technique
The transfer of information to paper via a digital file that is then printed out with the help of a high-speed printer. This technique is a prerequisite for Print-on-Demand and makes quick deliveries in small editions possible. Offset technique is still more efficient for larger editions and four color production.

Orders are made via Web shop platforms by end customers themselves. This includes cases where Elanders sells directly to con­sumers and where we are subcontractors to e-commerce companies.

This term is increasingly used, particularly in the automotive industry, to describe a number of steps in the process between printing and distribution. They can include packaging for end customers, bar-coding, adding other objects such as plastic cards etc.

Offset technique
A printing method in which ink and water are spread out on a printing plate that is then pressed against a rubber blanket. This absorbs the ink and transfers it to the paper. The expression offset comes from the fact that the printing plate never touches the paper. For smaller editions (1,000–30,000) sheet-fed offset is used. In this process the paper is fed into the press page by page. Web offset is usually more efficient for larger editions (over 30,000). The press is fed from a roll of paper and the printed paper is then cut into sheets.

One stop shopping
With a single contact you gain access to Elanders’ entire global and broad product range and can easily order the products and services that you need.

A product manufactured to protect, handle, deliver and present an item.

Our collective term for the work done before printing/publishing. The term includes layout, typography, image retouching and production of originals. In our world even other services are included such as: advertisement management, file management, quality assurance, printing plate production as well as database solutions for digital material.

Print-on-Demand (POD)
With the help of high-speed printers printed matter can be produced as needed and in very small editions.

Web-to-Print (W2P)
A web-based order interface where the production and distribution of information and marketing material can easily be ordered and made accessible for editing and ordering via the Internet.

This is a concept that is the equivalent of private labeling where retailers sell products under their own brand (for example Coop, ICA, Tesco) although the items are produced by a supplier to them. White-labeling is based on the suppliers’ perspective when they provide this kind of service.

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