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 Associations & Member Organizations


Distributing information to your members can be a daunting challenge. How should your information be produced? How many copies do you need? What if demand changes? These are all questions that limit your ability to focus on what is most important…your members.

Elanders Americas has spent decades developing solutions that address these very issues and has created customized solutions for associations of all types and sizes.

It’s simple to use, saves you time, and gives you full control! Our approach allows you to manage files in the cloud for distribution anywhere in the world. This platform empowers you to instantly react to an ever-changing industry by having the most current products available at your member’s fingertips.

Your flexibility is also enhanced, as variable data fields can be utilized, permitting you, or your end users, to professionally customize the order to fit their specific needs. Users in other parts of the world can also benefit by printing within their home country, speeding delivery and bypassing excessive shipping charges, customs delays, and other fees.

The benefits are many:

  • Your in-the-cloud digital library will hold files to distribute as needed, allowing changes to quickly and easily be made.
  • Costs associated with unused and obsolete shelf stock, as well as storage requirements, are eliminated.
  • Variable fields can be modified and user contact information is pre-formatted and attractively presented.
  • Book-build technology can be used to create customized materials, or material sets.
  • Changes to price and offer details are flexible and can be based on specific users or user groups.
  • Printing can be done anywhere in the world, speeding delivery while reducing shipping costs and customs delays.
  • Fulfillment is accomplished seamlessly, building kits, when appropriate, with materials produced on-site as well as any additional supplied materials.

Your group of members have a common interest and exist for the mutual enrichment and advancement of your industry. Elanders Americas is here to help spread these messages with simplified media management solutions. Your interests and time should be focused on your association; let us focus on the distribution of your information. 

Contact Elanders Americas to discuss your particular needs by submitting your information here.