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 Manufacturing & Industry Services

 Content Management for Manufacturing Companies: Our success is built on this core competency. Period.

Today, Elanders Americas can back our print-on-demand services with nearly three decades of specialized experience. Since the 1980’s, we have been working with partners and suppliers on systems and processes that allow our clients the ability to confidently re-engineer the way they store, update and distribute information.

Our comprehensive solutions include content management, single and multi-color digital printing, CD and DVD mastering and duplication, as well as fulfillment and distribution. Elanders Americas also incorporates all that is still relevant about protecting and projecting a high-quality brand image through creative use and precise control of offset printing technology.

Dedication to the constant improvement of our solutions has ensured our service to customers in the manufacturing industry has been honed to a fine edge. That’s why customers of Elanders Americas have converted more than 70 % of their materials to digital print-on-demand, annually eliminating millions of dollars of waste in material obsolescence and storage fees.

It’s simple to use and saves you time.
You are in control! Our approach allows you to hold files in the cloud and print materials anywhere in the world. This platform empowers you to instantly react to competition by modifying materials. Costs that would otherwise be associated with materials that must be scrapped are eliminated.

Your flexibility is also enhanced, as variable data fields can be utilized, permitting you, or your end users, to professionally customize the order to fit their specific needs. Distributors in other parts of the world can also benefit by printing within their home country, speeding delivery and bypassing excessive shipping charges, customs delays and other fees.

The benefits are many:

  • Your in-the-cloud digital library will hold files to print as needed, allowing changes to quickly and easily be made.
  • Costs associated with unused and obsolete shelf stock are eliminated.
  • Variable fields can be modified and dealer contact information is pre-formatted and attractively presented.
  • Book-build technology can be used for custom catalogs or product manuals.
  • Competitive reaction times are reduced.
  • Changes to price and offer details are flexible.
  • Warehouse space can be freed up for other core functions.
  • Printing can be done anywhere in the world, speeding delivery while reducing shipping costs and customs delays.
  • Fulfillment is accomplished seamlessly, building kits when appropriate with materials produced on site as well as any additional supplied materials.

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