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 Medical, Dental, & Scientific


​Business owners and managers marketing to medical, scientific, and dental professionals are challenged by rapidly changing environments. Often it seems like the minute materials are printed for customer consumption, they become obsolete. Regulations change. New discoveries are made. New warnings are issued.

In the past, it has often been complicated and expensive to make even a simple change to marketing materials. Everything already in fulfillment becomes instantly obsolete. Compounding the problem is the need to often print large quantities in order to keep costs to a minimum. Global companies face additional headaches, as international freight charges have increased significantly.

Elanders Americas is now proud to offer multiple solutions that have been time-tested and perfected with decades of experience servicing industrial customers on a global scale. Our clients in medical, dental and other sciences are now plugging into this methodology, allowing efficient domestic or global distribution of printed materials.

Here’s how it works.
Our approach allows you to hold files in the cloud and print materials anywhere in the world. This platform allows marketing professionals to instantly react to competition by modifying materials while eliminating any costs that would otherwise be associated with materials that must be scrapped. Flexibility is further enhanced, as variable data fields can be utilized, permitting distributors, for instance, to professionally insert and attractively print their contact information, at the time of request. Distributors in other parts of the world can also benefit by printing within their home country, speeding delivery and bypassing FedEx charges, customs delays, and other fees. Engineering can make changes to owner’s manuals improving accuracy.

How well does this work?
Over the years, Elanders Americas customers have chosen to convert 70% of their marketing materials to digital print on demand, eliminating the risk of material obsolescence and storage fees.

Consider these benefits and cost savings:

  • Your in-the-cloud digital library will hold files to print as needed, allowing changes at minimal cost.
  • Costs associated with unused and obsolete shelf stock are eliminated.
  • Variable fields can be modified and dealer contact information is pre-formatted and attractively presented.
  • Build-a-book technology can be used for custom catalogs that use similar chapters.
  • Competitive reaction times are reduced. Changes to price and offer details are flexible. Warehouse space can be freed up for other core functions.
  • Printing can be done anywhere in the world, speeding delivery while reducing shipping costs and customs delays.

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