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 Subscription Box

 The subscription box service is a fast growth business. Surviving overnight success and then achieving sustainable growth requires partnerships with experienced, innovative and flexible suppliers. It means partnering with Elanders Americas.

​​​Curating a box that is pleasing and satisfying to your customers is one of the most important elements to the success or failure of your subscription business. So too is having that package arrive on time, undamaged, and with perceived value; all things your customer focused partner, Elanders Americas, delivers through our fulfillment services

A partnership with Elanders means gaining a consultant focused on accuracy, ingenuity, and flexibility of scale and order complexity. Elanders calls upon our experience with subscription and marketing continuity programs, print and packaging mastery, worldwide supply chain solutions, and ecommerce expertise to help you elevate and innovate your business.

We offer everything from simple pick, pack, and ship solutions to complex multi-sku variations with a global reach involving individual or comprehensive combinations of elements outlined below. 

  • Rapid integration with client commerce/ERP systems
  • Existing integration with all major ecommerce providers
  • Comprehensive, fully searchable dashboard for real-time inventory, sales, and shipping data
  • One view consolidated carrier tracking, both domestic and international orders
  • Ease of reporting and exporting data for business analytics
  • Automation blended with hand-kitting for high output/low cost, and highly customized/high flexibility production
  • Depth of resources to seamlessly accommodate fluctuations in business cycles and monthly subscription launch schedules
  • Immediate adaptability to customer requests and changing market needs
  • Multi-product combination boxes
  • Subscriber chosen products within the content of their subscription boxes and kits
  • Accommodate preferences for size, color and styles
  • Gift card activation and management
  • Gift boxing
Delivery​InnovationAdditional Services
  • Highly accurate inventory systems with expiration, lot/version, FIFO and S/N support
  • Utilize “best method” carriers
  • Ability to offer advanced service levels with major shipping carriers
  • ​​Box design recommendations to reduce shipping fees
  • Manufacturing options for product presentation enhancements and expediting assembly
  • Understanding the “legs” of the freight route and utilizing a combination of vetted freight services to reduce costs and delays while preserving quality and accuracy
  • ​​In-house printing services supporting personalized marketing pieces, product details, thank-you messages, etc.
  • Extend revenue stream through an e-commerce store
  • Returns management and asset recovery
  • Supply chainconnections to aid in international product procurement
  • Offer worldwide branding through global expansion

Elanders brings knowledge, expertise, innovation, and an understanding of the uniquely personal needs of this industry. We are highly responsive to trends and customer feedback, and offer an extensive background in the fulfillment and subscription business. Our clients value Elanders as a consultant and partner on everything from design, to manufacturing, and delivery configurations.

Fulfillment is not only a large part the business expenditures, it is an impressionable force on your company's success. Partnering with a company who is innovative, trend-setting, and has first-hand knowledge of this uniquely personal industry is a business critical decision.  Let Elanders be your brand ambassador and silent partner helping to evolve your business and expand your product offering. Contact us today.

Click here for more information on our integrated and value added services for Direct-to-Store, Subscription Box, B2B, B2C, and marketing continuity programs.