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 Training & Development


​Acquiring knowledge, skills and competencies ensures we are ready for whatever life throws at us. When providing a successful training program; there is a lot riding on your shoulders, so don’t let the materials be a stumbling block. Partnering with Elanders Americas assures that production of your training and development materials will be handled in a manner that creates a more efficient marketplace for learning across the globe.

Elanders Americas creates customized solutions to distribute information in the most efficient way possible. Our solutions encompass:

  • Distribution via multiple media formats (print, CD, flash, download).
  • Customization of materials through variable data, creating targeted messaging to specific industries, geographies, groups, etc.
  • Book-build technology that can be used to create customized materials and material sets.
  • Consistent branding and quality on a global scale.
  • Global printing capabilities, speeding delivery while reducing shipping costs and customs delays.
  • Seamless fulfillment, building kits, when appropriate, with materials produced on-site as well as any additional supplied materials.
  • Content libraries and online ordering systems that are customized to the login’s location, profession, etc.

Our solutions ensure that you are in control of your training portfolio no matter how large or small your material set is. Our approach allows you to hold files in the cloud and deliver them via a range of formats, to increase learner engagement. This platform empowers you to instantly react to the ever-changing industry by modifying materials at a moment’s notice. Flexibility is enhanced further through the use of variable data fields, book-build software, and packaging options to customize the order to fit specific user needs. Consumers spread across the globe can also benefit by printing regionally, speeding delivery and bypassing excessive shipping charges, customs delays, and other fees.

Elanders Americas takes a consultative approach to our custom training programs to accommodate different types of organizations, operations, training formats, and frameworks. Our focus is to provide you with the tools you need to be cost-effective, reactive, and ahead of the competition.

Read about the domestic and global solutions we have created for training, testing, and professional development programs.

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