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 2015 Year in Review - Equipment & Process Improvements

 At Elanders we don’t sit on our laurels and simply weather the storm. Instead we continue with our philosophy of staying ahead of, and taking advantage of the opportunities emerging in the wake of globalization and digitalization.

​Equipment and Offerings:

A key part of our success has come through strategic business partnerships with established industry leaders. We don’t just buy a product off the shelf, we collectively work together towards an established goal which in many cases means reconstructing pieces and configurations to gain efficiency and broaden the range of products and services we offer to you. Here’s what we’ve put in place:

  • 20 creases in a simple pass, the DC-646 eliminates white borders and prevents toner cracking on fold lines. Applications include business cards, greeting cards, coupons, and direct mailers.
  • Duplo Digital System 5000 is a flexible finishing configuration that can handle a wide variety of product types including combining litho and digital work. Other added benefits of the Duplo Digital System include the ability to handle variable content and enhanced sequencing.
  • A new Duplo 6000 near-line booklet-making system has recently been installed and is ramping up to full production work. Configured with a feeder, slitter, cutter, creaser, stitcher, folder, and trimmer allows this unique grouping of modules to output finished products consistently across a large variety of book formats and is ideal for medium to high production volume rates.

Not only do we collaborate with our vendors, but our internal divisions and departments work jointly to improve everything from maintenance strategies to process scheduling. Some of the programs put in place in our manufacturing areas include:

  • Print Strategies: The right time to print jobs is heavily impacted by what occurs after printing. A new strategy in how to submit and run print jobs has begun increasing the overall efficiency of our production floor.
  • Focused First Time Right (FTR): Specific targeted areas have been selected. These areas have been chosen from evaluating 10 years of FTR data. Elements include maintenance projects, training, FMEA’s, process changes, and audits.
  • Short Interval Control (SIC): SIC is a structured process for identifying and acting on issues that impede overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Short interval reviews allow making adjustments and changes as the manufacturing process is taking place.
  • Maintenance Strategies: The maintenance group is moving toward equipment reliability and condition monitoring, as well as more involvement with operators while performing preventative maintenance.

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