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 Mentor Media Expands Operations in Brazil


Davenport, Iowa – October 12, 2015 - Mentor Media, the Elanders Group brand in Supply Chain Management, has expanded their operations with a new facility in Sao Paulo Brazil. This expansion further establishes Mentor Media and the Elanders Group as one of the top Supply Chain Management companies in the world.

“The Brazilian, and South American, marketplace has seen drastic growth for our clients in recent years,” said Brian Moore, Senior Program Manager at Mentor Media. “With this expansion we are perfectly situated to provide the most advanced supply chain management solutions for our clients, directly within region.”

The new facility will be the first operation globally to provide the complete range of services offered by the Elanders Group under one roof. The strategic location of the new facility will eliminate shipping costs and reduce time to market by providing in-region services and global economies of scale.

“The solutions we provide in the Brazilian marketplace are unmatched and with this expansion our total product offering has been taken even further.” said Matt Martinez, Director, Global Account Management & Business Development at Mentor Media. “For years we have combined enhanced security, expanded build capabilities, in house printing, and customized e-commerce solutions, to provide our clients with the most advanced solutions the marketplace has to offer. This expansion now allows us to provide these solutions in country all while lowering costs and improving delivery times.”

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About Mentor Media
Mentor Media is specialized in the provision of value added services to companies in the electronics and computer industry with special focus on product and component flows with extremely short lead times and comprehensive statistics reporting to customers. Its operations are built up around sophisticated IT solutions and its range of services includes sourcing, procuring components, warehousing and logistics management, customized manufacturing, order management and fulfilment, distribution, reverse logistics and repair services, and e-Commerce solutions.

The company takes responsibility for and optimizes their customers’ material and information flows – everything from sourcing and procurement, combined with warehousing, to after-sales service.