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 Client Solutions

 Follow the links below to see how Elanders Americas has helped specific clients:

Subscription Commerce Services
Elanders' integrated services ideally support Direct-to-Store, subscription box, B2B, B2C, and marketing continuity programs. Find out

Elanders Integrated Services
Elanders offers different solutions and services necessary for a product to reach the end consumer.  Clients of all sizes benefit from different combinations of our services....more

The Right Partner can Reduce Your TCO
Elanders takes a consultative approach to client partnerships, through which we jointly identify areas to reduce costs and develop solutions that positively impact your brand, free up... more

EOOS: Elanders Online Ordering Solution
Elanders Americas has develop EOOS, a customer branded online ordering system, which allows you, and your end-users, to place orders for literature directly through an e-commerce solution at your convenience. This system is fully customizable ... features and benefits

A Global Media Management Solution
A global construction and mining machinery manufacturer with rapid overseas growth, was looking for a solution that would allow them to accurately, effectively, and efficiently manage their global... more

Secure Examinations for the Test Publishing Industry
National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRFSP) was faced with the dilemma of securely providing paper and pencil examinations while keeping up with the exponential growth... more

Security Based Solutions for the Test Publishing Industry
Test security is an important element of any exam program. Our security enhanced application, which integrates automated spiraling, custom bar-coding and encapsulated features... more

XML Technology to Drive Customized Print-on-Demand
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services identified a need to replace generic manuals with personalized one-off Medicare information to its 75 million beneficiaries. Midland's automated, personalized book-build solution uses the latest technologies to... more

An Inventory Depletion and Print-on-Demand Strategy
A Fortune 100 company wanted to leverage the digitization of their technical and service literature by eliminating costly inventory and migrating towards electronic delivery and printed distribution. By offering an inventory depletion strategy... more

An Antique Equipment Publications Program
A Fortune 100 construction equipment manufacturer needed to support ongoing customer requests for over 10,000 non-current publications. The solution offered not only met the needs of the customer but exceeded expectations by incorporating... more

A Parts Reference System with Subscription Service Updates
A major consumer appliance manufacturer needed a way to store information on over 3 million of their appliance parts and make this information electronically available to their nationwide dealer and distributor locations. The challenge was... more

An On Demand Media Management Solution to Save Time and Cut Costs
A Fortune 100 equipment manufacturing company struggled to maintain global consistency in literature. Using a traditional model, the manufacturer stuck to forecasting demand, long print runs, large inventories, warehousing, and a high level of obsolescence... more

A Content Management, Book-Building and Just-in-Time Printing Solution
As a regional healthcare provider continued to grow they recognized the need for unique handbooks to better serve their participants in several different markets. By offering a comprehensive solution including... more

A Web-Based Customized Book-Building Solution for the Publishing Industry
A publisher of high quality educational materials for Kindergarten through College courses was looking for a leading-edge solution they could offer their customers to build on-demand textbooks tailored specifically to... more