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 International Printers Network

 Solving the Global Communication Needs of Our Customers

Elanders America, a technology driven provider of content management and on demand printing solutions, has aligned with the International Printers Network (IPN) to help solve the global communication needs of our customers.

The IPN is the world’s leading global alliance of companies in the printing, visual communications, and graphics arts industry. With over 50 printing partners in 189 locations throughout Europe, North America, Africa, and the Pacific Rim, the IPN gives Elanders America access to one of the most comprehensive information distribution channels in the world.

The IPN mission is to build a global network of dynamic and successful companies who share the common goal of building a community of global friends and business partners. The key to the IPN is a true global friendship. This special relationship has been progressively cultivated over more than a decade, with members making a commitment to meet at least two to three times a year to exchange ideas, build best practices, and to develop new and exciting services and opportunities that enable our clients to maintain a leading edge in global printing and information distribution.

By joining the IPN and utilizing the network of IPN partners, we have significantly increased our ability to help our customers distribute their information on an international level – eliminating factors that, until now, have made the global distribution of information not practical or economically viable

Problems we have addressed and solved for customers include:

  • Increasing costs and potential delays in international shipping
  • Risks of producing work in other countries with unproven print vendors
  • Lack of trusted relationship at the point of distribution
  • Language differences
  • Difficulties in maintaining worldwide corporate quality standards

Above all, the IPN partnership is a major benefit to our customers. Service and speed are optimized and significant savings can be gained in terms of time, resources, and dollars spent. Extended production facilities means work can be produced at the most appropriate location. Quality is also ensured as the IPN has pre-defined quality standards and benchmarks established over many years of working together in this global partnership.