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 Color Print

 Increase Impact with Vibrant Color

​​Within Elanders Americas, we view our advancements in short-run digital color technology not only as an important enhancement available to our advertising and marketing clients, but also to the industrial manuals, testing documents, and other publications we routinely produce.

Once just a dream, the consistency, quality, and lower cost of digital color printing is now a viable option for limited-run books, marketing materials, and report covers. Variable information is easily highlighted and additional color impact can be gained through use of our glossing and lamination processes that make each color really stand out.

Color can also be used to help personalize each print produced. Because our print operating system is digital, the electronic workflow solutions we provide allow for variable print in as many places as necessary to effectively target communications.

Consider a few of the situations where short-run digital color can be a more feasible choice:

  • Testing materials, especially those requiring barcodes or some sort of unique identifier
  • Technical diagrams
  • Full-color sample or marketing publications
  • Technical Data Sheets
  • Specification Sheets
  • Product overviews
  • Color covers

Technology has rapidly transformed this, eliminating past compromises between quality and cost.

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