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 Content Management

 Let Us Simplify Your Content Management Processes

​Think for a moment, about the ever-increasing amounts of unstructured content moving into and out of your businesses on a daily basis. E-mails, reports, documents, Web pages, presentations, contracts, CAD drawings, and graphics. It must all be housed in filing cabinets, off-site storage facilities, proprietary software systems, on isolated servers, and often in redundant files.

What is worse, many times all of this information remains unavailable to those who need it in a format they can use. The inability to find and access content can bring an otherwise well-run business to a virtual standstill.

Information that is not proactively managed results in resource bottlenecks, lost documents, duplicated data, security and version control issues, lost productivity, and decisions based on inaccurate information.

In short, unmanaged content will increase your company’s risks and costs.

At Elanders Americas, we have created market-proven solutions to help you digitize and consolidate your content into a single repository. Your information can be accessible and available to those with proper authority whenever and wherever it is needed. Our clients can also leverage their content by making it available to others through Intranet, Extranet and Client Servers. Distribution can be ordered in print, CD-ROM, or DVD without creating a duplicate file.

By making all of your business content available for enterprise-wide access, our content management solutions help you optimize business processes and improve your business agility.

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