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 Sustainability, product protection, security and anti-counterfeit technology, user experience, and brand promotion are the key elements of Elanders’ packaging design services.

​Elanders provides end-to-end packaging solutions for many international brands of Cosmetics, Electronics, Healthcare, Automotive, and Industrial products, and many more industries who understand that packaging fulfills a critical role. Elanders understands that the packaging we create must promote the product, protect the product and the consumer, effectively communicate your brand and image, create a positive user experience, and be sustainable. Our clients benefit from our creative brand-centered design, innovative constructions, attention to detail, and our resourcefulness to create unique constructions.

The wide range of choices in materials, shapes, colors, print, and construction options has made the process of package design more complex than ever before, heightening the need to consider the entire supply chain when making packaging decisions. As packaging experts with an extensive global supply chain reach, Elanders is ideally positioned to provide high quality, cost effective, and innovative construction.
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