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 Short-Run & Print-on-Demand


​​To avoid confusion, let’s get the nomenclature straight. Short-run and print-on-demand are not synonymous. At Elanders Americas, we have experience and expertise in each category of digital printing, but they are not the same.

Here are guidelines we use to define these terms:

Short-run printing is:

​​ ​•​A lower quantity of printed product than normally required.
​​ ​•Requires some production overage and storage.
​ ​• ​Printing is completed in advance, to satisfy anticipated needs.

Print-on-demand is:

​​• Print only the exact quantity needed for immediate distribution and use.
​​•Production and distribution of printed products in quantities and on cycle times based on actual end-user demand.
​​• Product is shipped directly to the end-user, retailer, distributior, or to factory line.
​​• Global distribution via distribute and print solutions.

Benefits of producing shorter digital print runs


​•Elimination of excess inventory, as well as associated storage and fulfillment costs.
​•Highly automated processes, greatly reducing administration costs and allowing for revision controls.​
​•​The ability to easily select and produce the most current version of information in targeted production runs. Users click to select production of one or thousands of copies produced in print or electronic formats (i.e. CD, DVDs, etc).
​•​Ease of submission via electronic files or camera-ready artwork.
​•​Easily accessible storage. Print-ready files are maintained within Elanders’ content management systems for instant retrieval as orders are processed.
​•​Print and electronic solutions can be created to output single-copy, personalized products. Utilize data from an external file, or dynamically build books/DVDs to order. Select only the sections, chapters or pages that meet the specific needs for each individual order.
​•​Processes allow for individual order submission, batch order processing and POD operations.

A total information management and delivery solution can be customized to fit your needs. At your direction we will include information storage and retrieval, inventory management, transaction processing, assembly, packaging and worldwide distribution.

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