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 Variable Print & Dynamic Book Build

 ​If ever there was a perfect example of how Elanders Americas can help simplify business communications, this is it!

Variable Print
Variable print is an easy way to add value to things like marketing campaigns, dealer kits, subscription commerce, and marketing continuity programs. The printed information can precisely match what’s in the kit, or it can be regionalized to match product availability. It is also a way to make the information or the story of the product have a personal “me” feel.

Personalizing print content can improve response rates up to 30% and can even increase customer loyalty by up to 26% short term, and over 50% longer term.

How it works is variable information from an external file is combined with static information for the balance of the document. You provide us with information on where and how the variable information is to be applied and we generate the unique one-off product, whether that’s a test booklet, product sheet, or marketing card.

Dynamic Book Build
For variably compiled publications, Elanders Americas’ dynamic book build program combines variable data from an external file and, based on your rules, provides for the generation of unique one-off manuals and publications.

How this works is our content management repository provides the capability for a single file component to be associated or connected to one or many products. When an order is received for a product that is comprised of multiple components, our book build program dynamically selects the latest version of the various components from the repository, builds the book, and sends it to the specified output device. This process allows clients to update a single component once rather than update the entire publication multiple times. 

Let Elanders help you bring pertinent and personalized content to your users. Contact us today.
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